Menlo Park Live Oak Lions Farmer’s Market


Club has been operating for over 54 years the Sunday Farmers Market began in 1992 and has been operating over 24 years every Sunday rain or shine. A local group of women wanted an activity to bring the community together each week and decided long before Farmers Markets were popular that would be the activity they wanted. The City of Menlo Park made space available in a City owned Parking Plaza at no cost but they needed a non-profit to be the sponsor of the Sunday Market.

The women approached the local Lions Club and they decided they would be the sponsor and the group of local women joined the Club as new Lions members. The rest is history and the Live Oak Lions has used this as a fundraiser to support the many activities in the local community as well as Lions sight and hearing programs. The Lions Club manages the Sunday Market and also is responsible for it operation including complying with the many government Agencies including the local City of Menlo Park.

In the over 24 years of operation the Sunday Farmers Market has raised over $700,000 after expenses for the Lions community giving and support of Lions Programs. In addition a number of the Farmers each Sunday donate produce at the end of the Market that is picked up by the Lions and other volunteers that is given to four non-profit who provide the produce to the needy. Little House, St. Anthony’s, Coastside Hope and St. Vincent d’Paul are the beneficiaries of the annual 55,000 pounds of donated produce.