San Francisco Chinatown Lions Charity Gala


On April 23, 2016 our club the San Francisco Chinatown Lions club hosted the Teen Chinatown Scholarship charity gala.
This event took 4 months to prepare and over two thousand man hours.  Through our efforts we were able to net over $45,000. These funds went to $8,000 in scholarship to the teens. With the remaining funds to be donated to 19 charity best site to buy ambien online organizations.

This is what Lions do. We help and serve others to the best of our abilities.

P thank all those that supported our fundraising event. With out your help and the total effort of our club this would not be possible.
All members of the San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club should be proud to be apart of this effort. ¬†— 2015-2016 President, Alvin Louie.