District Governor 4c4 Lion Lydia Taylor-Bellinger

DISTRICT GOVERNOR Lion Lydia Taylor-Bellinger

District Governor Lydia Taylor-Bellinger was born and raised in Piedmont, Alabama to Hollis and Estell Diamond. She is the middle sibling to Hollis Jr. and Mary. At the age of 16, Lion Lydia moved to California with her Aunt Mary. Lion Lydia is married to Larry Bellinger and they make their home in

Vice District Governors

1st Vice District Governor 4c4 Helen Casaclang


1st Vice District Governor Lion Helen Casaclang was married to Lion Anthony Casaclang for 34 years making their home in Vallejo, CA. They had two children, Lion Mark Anthony and Aileen Joy, and two beautiful granddaughters, Jaidyn and Joy. Lion Helen lost

2nd Vice District Governor Fanny Chu


2nd Vice District Governor Lion Fanny Chu was born in Hong Kong, educated in the U.S,A. (Minnesota and New Orleans) and married to spouse Joseph Chu since 1974. Both Daughter Melissa and Son Victor were active Leos and Lion. The Chu Family is growing with

Global Action Team Coordinators

PDG Ken Ibarra

PDG Ken Ibarra, Leadership, Endorsed Candidate for International Director

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International Leadership