[heading size=”1″ color=”#c51111″]Membership[/heading]

Membership in Lions is by invitation only. Lions can be regular member in only one Lions club, but may join other Lions clubs as an Associate or Honorary member.

Lions Membership Categories

Active: A member entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership in a Lions Club implies.

Member-at-Large: A member who has moved out of the community and is unable to regularly attend meetings and desires to retain membership in the club. This member cannot hold office or vote at conventions and must pay dues.

Honorary: An honor bestowed by a club to an individual who is not a member of the Lions club, to recognize outstanding community service or service to the club.

Privileged: A member who has been a Lion for 15 or more years, who because of illness, infirmities, or advance age or other legitimate reason, must relinquish his or her active status. A privileged member may vote, but not hold office.

Life Member: A member who has maintained active status for 20 years or more years, or for 15 years and is at least 70 years of age can be granted Life Membership. Life Members pay a one-time payment to the association in lieu of future dues. They have all the rights and privileges of membership.

Associate: A member who holds his or her primary membership in another club, but maintains residence or is employed in the community of the club in which he/she attends. Associate members can vote on club matters, but may not serve as a club delegate at district, multiple district or international conventions, and is not eligible to hold office.

Affiliate: An individual who is currently unable to fully participate in the club, but wishes to support the club. He/she may not hold office and may not represent the club at district, multiple district or international conventions, but may vote on club matters.