Student Speaker Contest

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Student Speaker Foundation News

Donations to the Foundation are deductible under both State of California and federal taxing regulations under IRC 501(c)(3) and should be made payable to the “4th District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc.”. For more information, please contact: PDG Jack Van Etten (650) 726-4605 or Lion Rich Picchi (650) 703-0934. Visit

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Student Speaker News

click ► click ► for District 4-C4 Student Speaker Contest Dates = updated frequently so please check back.

click ► to enter a Student Speakers Contest Location with MD4.

Please make sure you include the identifiable name of the contest: i.e. The _______Lions Club Contest; The __________Zone; The ___________Region; and The ____ District Contest.

Helpful Links

click ► The Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation

The Foundation is the financial base for the scholarships awarded to Student Speaker Contest winners.  We appreciate your support.

click ► Find a Lions Club near you
(not all Lions Clubs participate in the contest)  Contact your high school counselor or principal.
The internet is a great resource for aspiring public speakers.  Here are a few helpful links.  Remember, the Lions contest does not allow visual aides, uniforms, costumes, props.  Begin by reading and fully understanding the Student Handbook (rules)

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