Disaster Preparedness Information provided by PDG Jack Van Etten of District 4-C4.
For additional information, please contact PDG Jack at disasterpreparedness4c4@gmail.com

District Alert/Disaster Preparedness Program and Reference Manual
An overview with recommendations to consider about starting a new program or
enhancing your existing District Alert/Disaster Preparedness Program

Addendum 1
Shelter Fundamentals Participant Guide
Sample ARC Partnership Agreements for a single district and for multiple districts
Sample ARC Partner Sheltering Document and List

Addendum 2 – District Responsibilities
Samples of district roles, duties, and responsibilities in a District Alert/Disaster Preparedness Program Activation.
Includes sample volunteer registration form, ARC Shelter Checklists, and LCI Alert Checklist and information

Addendum 3 – Disaster Grants
Information about LCIF Grant Categories.  Includes sample District Request for LCIF $10K Emergency Disaster Grant
and grant criteria forms.  Also includes information about California Lions Foundation.

Addendum 4
Includes sample press release, District Disaster Informational Brochure about your program;
San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services SMC Alert Notification and Communications System

Sample District Alert/Disaster Preparedness Presentation Document
Information districts can share with their clubs about your local District Alert/Preparedness Programs
and assisting other adjacent districts and/or MD-4 Areas with mutual aid.
This document is available as a PowerPoint Presentation, please email PDG Jack Van Etten for a copy.

Building Your Disaster Kit
Items and considerations for you, your home, your car, and your business can be found at www.ready.gov/build-a-kit