List of District Officers


Any expenditure must be approved by the District Governor or Committee Chairperson (for Committees that have a designated budget, such as the Convention Committee) to be eligible for reimbursement. See below for the link to the official reimbursement form:



Current District Governor’s pin logo is recommended for publicly facing materials, flyers, etc. Generic District logo is for formal/internal use, especially for “evergreen” documents and resources meant to carry on year to year.

Gray background added to website to show logo transparency.

DG Kevin Guess



Collecting Information/Surveys

Google Forms

Google Forms is a part of the Google Drive suite of tools, and allows you to create surveys you can send out to people and collect information. Create a new Google Form by going to See the Sharing Documents section on this page for more information on Google Drive.

Wufoo by SurveyMonkey (c/o Lion John Hui)

The District has purchased a Wufoo forms subscription for District and Club use (unlimited forms). Wufoo has some additional benefits over Google Forms, including:

  • Easy uploading of files (Google Forms allows file upload, but user must have Google Account)
  • Document signing with DocuSign
  • Accepting payments (multiple options)

Please contact him if you would like a survey made with Wufoo at


The District Communications Committee maintains If you have a question to the District but don’t know who to ask, chances are they know and can forward your request appropriately.

View the Newsletter page below for information about the weekly email newsletter (The Thread) as well as our official District Newsletter sent quarterly.

Website Posts

Many District committees send out public email newsletters on their own, such as the Diabetes Committee and the coordinating councils. These official District newsletters can be automatically posted to the District website (under Posts) by emailing Note that only approved email addresses are able to send mail to this address, if you represent a District or Multiple District committee or official Lions entity, and would like your newsletter to be accepted to that mailbox, please contact to be added to the list of approved senders.

Email Accounts

Visit District Emails page.

Sharing Documents/Cloud Storage

The District IT Committee recommends the usage of Google Drive to share files and collaborate with fellow District Officers. We have created a top level folder for the District under the account, if you would like your Committee to have a subfolder under that, please contact

Some resources of note within Google Drive are:

MD4 uses Dropbox for it’s document storage. See some resources below

Virtual Meetings


The District website ( is open to contribution by officers of the District for sections that fall under their purview. District Officers have the option to:

  • Submit a page or several pages to be added to the website, either in the Digital Resource Library or the general District information section (reset yearly)
  • Request access to become an editor of the website, by emailing This access will allow you to modify pages and submit them for publishing, pending review by the IT Committee.
  • Create your own external site, and request a District branded link to point to that website. For example, the Youth Exchange Committee has created, which is run on the free Google Sites builder. This gives committees greater autonomy, as long as they have the technical capabilities to manage their own website.

If you have any questions on the resources available to you, feel free to email with your inquiry and a member of our Marketing or IT teams will reach out to you.