District 4-C4 District Leadership

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Distict Leadership

District Governor: Lion Macy Mak Chan 2015-16 (SF Chinatown Lions Club)
P.O. Box 25301, San Mateo, CA 94402

Dear Fellow Lions: The District Directory Editor, Lion Rudy Pedagast, for District 4-C4 needs the COMPLETE list of your Officers for the year 2015-2016 as follows:Well Not quite!  NEW This Year!The directory is being worked on now.Please send information as soon as possible to:  Lion Rudy Pedagat Directory Editor 2014-2015 (415) 652-7271 rrpedagat@comcast.net
1) President – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address

2) Secretary – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address
3) Treasurer – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address
4) First Vice President – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address
5) Second Vice President – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address
6) Membership Chair – Name & spouse, address, telephone (home, cell or business) and email address
The first and second vice president is the new addition to the directory per  International.
Please include also the following:  Club Number; The Club Charter Date; Sponsor Club; Regular meeting and time; and  Meeting place

District 4-C4 Clubs

1st Vice District Governor: Lion Rodolfo “Rod” Mercado (San Francisco Host Lions Club
46 W. Lulian Street, , San Jose, CA 95110

2nd Vice District Governor: Lion Mario Benavente (San Bruno Lions Club)
3911 Elston Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066

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Distict Cabinet Officers

Cabinet Secretary Lion Lydia Taylor-Bellinger (San Francisco Merced Height)
11305 Elvessa St., Oakland, CA 94065

Cabinet Treasurer Lion Anselmo Madrinan (Redwood Shores)
2 Seagate Place, Belmont, CA 94402

Immediate Past District Governor Lion Stephen “Steve” Picchi (Half Moon Bay)
P.O. Box 25301, San Mateo, CA 94402

District GMT Coordinator PCC Lion Emil Kantola (Pacifica)
66- Manor Drive, Pacifica 94044

District GLT Coordinator Mel Phillips (San Bruno)
517 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066

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Distict Regions and Zones Chairs

Region 1 Chairperson Emmanuel Paje (San Francisco Host)

Zone 1 Chairperson Sandra “Sandi” Ige (South San Francisco Host)
San Francisco Geneva-Excelsior, San Francisco Hispanic Club,
San Francisco Host, San Francisco Korean American,
San Francisco Marina North Beach,

Zone 2 Chairperson May Wong (San Francisco Geneva-Excelsior)  myapplegroupstuff@gmail.com
San Francisco Bay Area New Century, San Francisco Chinatown, San Francisco Nikkei, San Francisco Park Presidio, The San Francisco Castro

Region 2 Chairperson Margaret Lee (Chinatown)

Zone 1 Chairperson Rodrigo Cayabyab (San Francisco Host)
San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco Circle, San Francisco Fil-Am, San Francisco Highlands, San Francisco Latinos Unidos

Zone 2 Chairperson Jessie Peoples (San Francisco Bayarea Hunters Point)
San Francisco Merced-Heights, The San Francisco Ocean Ingleside,San Francisco Premier, San Francisco State, San Francisco Veterans

Region 3 Chairperson Verdie Thompson (South San Francisco Golden Gate)

Zone 1 Chairperson Chris De Carpio (Bay Area Special Olympics)
Brisbane, Daly City Gateway,Pacifica, San Bruno,
South San Francisco Golden Gate

Zone 2 Chairperson Alan Hafter (San Bruno Lions Club
Burlingame, Daly City Host, Foster City, Millbrae,
South San Francisco Host

Region 4 Chairperson Martha Sandy (Foster City Lions Club)

Zone 1 Chairperson Pat Huges (San Mateo)
Belmont, Half Moon Bay, Peninsula Special Interest,
San Mateo Metropolitan

Zone 2 Chairperson Kevin Guess (Peninsula Veterans)
Bay Area Special Olympics,Redwood Shores, San Mateo, San Carlos

Zone 3 Chairperson James Bigelow (Menlo Park Host-Live Oak)
Menlo Park Live Oak, Peninsula Veterans, Palo Alto Host, Redwood City Sunrise

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Past District Governors

1978-1979 PDG George Habeeb, Millbrae Lions Club
e. habeeb490@aol.com
1979-1980 Donald F. Stanaway, Burlingame Lions Club
1983-1984 Roger Chinn, Foster City Lions Club)
e. roger@chinnassociates.com
1988-1989 Larry Wong (San Francisco Chinatown Lions
e. pdglarry@hotmail.com
1989-1990 Donald Lustenberger, Millbrae Lions Club
e. liondon@sbcglobal.net
1990-1991 Pat Battaglia, Redwood City Sunrise Lions Club
e. battcon@aol.com
1991-1992 Lou Ercoli, Mateo Host Lions Club
1995-1996 Rudy M.N. Loredo,San Francisco Golden Gate Lions Club  
e. rudel3238@aol.com
1996-1997 Albert “Al” Leyva, Burlingame Lions Club
1997-1998 Kenneth J. Newman, Burlingame Lions Club
1998-1999 Mel Phillips, San Bruno Lions Club
2000-2001 Elma S. Loredo. South San Francisco Golden Gate Lions Club
e. rudel3238@aol.com
2001-2002 Arthur “Art” Pignati, Millbrae Lions Club
e. lionartpig@aol.com
2002-2003 Michelle K. Jester, San Francisco The Castro Lions Club,
e. lionjester4c4@hotmail.com
2003-2004 Jocelyn M. Mina, Brisbane Lions
e. jocelynmmina@comcast.net
2004-2005 Ray Rosenthal, Foster City Lions Club
e. rosieinc45@comcast.net
2005-2006 Eugene Chan, San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club
e. eugenechan4c4@yahoo.com
2006-2007 Al Russell, San Carlos Lions Club
e.  al-russell@sbcglobal.net
2007-2008 Maxine Frazier, San Francisco Merced Heights Lions Club
e. pdgmaxine@yahoo.com
2008-2009 PCC Emil Kantola, Pacifica Lions Club,
Council Of Governor Chairman 2009-2010
e. lionkantola@gmail.com
2009-2010 Ken Ibarra, San Bruno Lions Club
e. lionkenibarra@yahoo.com
2010-2011 Michael “Mike” Simonini, Millbrae Lions Club
e.  jsimvista@sbcglobal.net
2011-2012 Esther V. Lee, San Francisco Marina-North Beach Lions
2012-2013 Skipper Bob Wilson  Brisbane Lions,
e. skipperbob@skipper-bob.com
2013-2014 Stephen “Steve” Picchi, Half Moon Bay
e. spwinemaker@comcast.net

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In Loving Memory

1928-1929 John J. McDonald, San Francisco Lions
1934-1944 Dan O’Connell, Burlingame Lions
1949-1950 Cethill Jones, San Carlos Lions
1950-1951 Joseph R. Territo, Redwood City Host Lions
1952-1953 Maurice Perstein, Marina Lions, PID
1954-1955 Judson Holland, Burlingame Lions
1956-1957 Leonard S. Bacci, I.C., Park Presidio Lions
1958-1959 Robert V. Dallison, Palo Alto Stanford Area Lions
1959-1960 Raymond E. Marks, San Francisco Host Lions, PCC
1961-1962 Elmer Anderson, San Mateo Downtown Lions
1963-1964 Joseph A. Giuffre, SF Geneva Excelsior Lions
1964-1965 Gilbert Larish, Burlingame Lions
1965-1966 Raymond H. Preble, Park Presidio Lions
1966-1967 Rev. Rafe I. Martin, Redwood City Downtown Lions
1967-1968 Dr. Chang Wah Lee, SF Chinatown Lions
1968-1969 Herman Schmidt, Burlingame Lions
1969-1970 Fred Newman, Marina Lions, PCC
1970-1971 Wilbert H. Kehe, Woodside Portola Valley Lions
1971-1972 Dr. Bernard M. Worken, Mission Lions
1972-1973 Philip Ritzau, Marina Lions
1973-1974 Robert A. Marshall, Sr., San Bruno Lions
1974-1975 Stanley Stebbins, Marina Lions
1975-1976 Leon Shore, Redwood City Host Lions
1976-1977 Leslie S. Davis, South San Francisco Host Lions
1977-1978 Si Moyer, Half Moon Bay Lions
1980-1981 Bill Tonelli, San Francisco Geneva Excelsior Lions
1981-1982 Rick Nuccitelli, Millbrae Lions
1982-1983 John Benson Burlingame Lions
1984-1985 Earle C. Call, Millbrae Lions
1985-1986 Fred Ulrich, Sunset Lions
1986-1987 George J. Contos, San Carlos Lions Club
1987-1988 Raymon R. Kliewer, Burlingame Lions Club
1992-1993 Rocky LombardiMillbrae Lions Club
1993-1994 Michael J. Newell, San Francisco The Castro Lions Club
1994-1995 Donald Bacioco, Millbrae Lions
1997-1998 Joe T. Loo, Redwood Shores Lions
1999-2000 Jack Wolf, Pacifica Lions