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Getting a Lion Account

Any Lion member may create a Lion Account with International. This gives you access to a variety of Lions International’s Digital Products.

In order to do so, you will need to have the following information, which must match that found on your club roster.

Member ID (Member Number)If you do not know your Member ID, there are several ways to find out:
Ask your Club Secretary, Club Administrator, or anyone else with access to MyLCI to check for you.
Checking the address label of your copy of LION Magazine, on the second line, the first number is your club number and the second number is your member number.
You may file a ticket with LCI support or call their hotline, for more information see the Lion Account FAQ
Date of BirthIt is possible that you were added to the system before the full Date of Birth was required, and only gave your year of birth. If so, your Date of Birth on MyLCI will be recorded as January 1st of your year of birth, so try that.
Email address OR Mobile NumberThis will be your username when logging into your Lion Account. You may use either if both are listed on your club roster, additionally you will be able to edit this yourself once you have access to your account.
Information required to create a Lion Account

You can create or access your Lion Account by going to the Member Portal, which can be found by going to and clicking on Member Login at the top right (after expanding the menu if on mobile), or by clicking on the button below.

Officer Reporting (pu101)

After a club election has taken place, the elected officers must be reported back to International as soon as possible, preferably by May 15th of the preceding year. Officer reporting is generally done by the current Club Secretary.

Membership Reporting (MMR)

Club member information should be updated every month by the Club Secretary. If there are no changes to make, it is still necessary to log onto the system and select Report No Changes for Month to confirm that the information is up to date.

Service Reporting (SAR)

Find out more about service reporting on this subpage.