Lions Clubs International Official Protocol

The following is the official protocol policy of the International Association of Lions Clubs. Only the principal speaker is required to acknowledge all dignitaries present.

Order of Precedence

Lions shall be recognized in the following order:

  1. International President
  2. Immediate Past International President
  3. International Vice President (according to rank)
  4. International Directors (a) (Board Appointees)*
  5. Past International Presidents (b)
  6. Past International Directors (c)
  7. Chairperson, Council of Governors (a)
  8. District Governors (a)
  9. Association Executive Administrator
  10. Association Secretary**
  11. Association Treasurer**
  12. Past Council Chairpersons (a)**
  13. Immediate Past District Governors (a)**
  14. 1st Vice District Governors (a)**
  15. 2nd Vice District Governors (a)**
  16. Past District Governors (a)**
  17. Multiple District Secretaries (volunteer) (a)**
  18. Multiple District Treasurers (volunteer) (a)**
  19. District Secretaries (a)**
  20. District Treasurers (a)**
  21. Region Chairpersons (a)**
  22. Zone Chairpersons (a)**
  23. District Chairpersons (a)**
  24. Club Presidents (a)**
  25. Immediate Past Club Presidents (a)**
  26. Club Secretaries (a)**
  27. Club Treasurers (a)**
  28. Past Club Presidents (c)**
  29. Multiple District Secretaries (staff) (a)**
  30. Multiple District Treasurers (staff) (a)**

Explanation of Notes

  1. When more than one is present, they shall be recognized according to the Roman alphabetic order of the first letter of their fully used family name. If the first letter is the same, go to the second letter, and so on. If the last names are identical, the same process should be followed with the first given name, then the middle name. In the unlikely event that the two names are identical, the one with the longest association membership shall be given precedence.
  2. When more than one is present, the one who served most recently is given precedence, and so on.
  3. When more than one is present, precedence should be the same as for past International Presidents (see (b) above). In the event that more than one Past International Director who served during the same term is present, then the criteria specified for (a) should be used.
  4. * Appointees by the international president to committees of the International Board of Directors and the LCIF Executive Committee shall be introduced and otherwise recognized before Lion who have held the same office. During introductions, their appointment shall be mentioned. After their term of appointment has concluded, special recognition shall cease.
  5. ** Single, sub and multiple district constitution & by-laws or local customs and practice may alter the order of precedence and/or content of numbers 12 through 2.