Club, Cabinet & Convention Head Table Seating Protocol
The following is the official protocol policy of the International Association of Lions Clubs. Only the principal speaker is required to acknowledge all dignitaries present.

Order of Precedence
Lions shall be recognized in the following order:


Order of Precedence
1. Master of Ceremonies (Host Region Chair)
2. District Governor
3. 1st District Governor
4. District Governor Guest
5. 1st District Governor Guest
6. 2nd Vice District Governor
7. Cabinet Treasurer or Guest Speaker
8. 2nd Vice District Governor Guest
9. Assistant Cabinet Treasurer or Guest Speaker
10. Cabinet Secretary

Reserve two tables up front for spouses.

Seating: If spouses are present, they should be seated next to their wife/husband at the head table. If one of the above persons is not present, the next ranking Lion can be moved up. If there is no sufficient room at the head table, a second head table can be created following the same protocol.
Introductions: The Club President/Meeting Chair introduces the Zone Chair who in turn introduces the Region Chair. The Region Chair introduces the District Governor who will introduce the other members of his/her cabinet from the person with the lowest rank on the order of precedence to the person with the highest. When spouses are present, they should be introduced with the Lion member (i.e. DG John Doe and his wife, Lion Mary).
Program: The Governor’s talk should be your only program. No other program should be planned. Induction of new members is most appropriate during the Governor’s visit but please give advance notice.
Borrowing of Other Club’s Property: Borrowing of club property by a visiting Lion is not allowed during the district Governor’s visit or any District, Region or Zone function.
No Exceptions!