Social Media

Official District Social Media


Our main social media platform for sharing and promoting content of Lions Clubs International, Multiple District 4 – California Lions, the District, our service partners, and our member clubs.

The District Group is the place to share club posts to publicize them within the District. High quality club posts will occasionally be shared onto the District Facebook page at our discretion.

The Lions of California and Beyond Facebook group is an unaffiliated public group run by our PDG Ken Ibarra, with members throughout California and the world.


Posts highlighted photos of District events. Content from the District Instagram are mirrored back onto Facebook.


Posts short (280 characters or less) updates from the District, primarily mirroring the District Thread.


Hosts recordings of online District Events, including trainings, Cabinet meetings, and the District Installation.


Professional profile site for networking, the District maintains a “Company” page so District Officers may list the District as an “Employer” under Volunteer experience.

District Committee Social Media

San Francisco Coordinating Council of Lions Clubs


Suggestions on other social media platforms the District should start using? Send us an email!