Guiding Lions

The Guiding Lion Program is designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered, established or rebuilding. Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president.

Lions Clubs International – Guiding Lion Program

Certified Guiding Lion Program

Guiding Lions are encouraged to complete the Certified Guiding Lion Course to improve their skills in club support. The course is designed to be completed individually or facilitated by an instructor. All Certified Guiding Lions are required to take the Certified Guiding Lion (CGL) every three years.  Following is a list of course material to become a Certified Guiding Lion.

Lions Clubs International – Guiding Lion Program

Although it is not necessary to be certified to serve as a Guiding Lion for a club, it is highly recommended that in service Guiding Lions take the training sometime during their two year term, and it is one of the requirements to receive the Guiding Lion Award.


Although self study is an option, we have recordings of past training sessions held by our Global Leadership Team available to view on our YouTube channel. You can find the latest one below.

Once you have completed the training, you should complete the test (da-cgl13) and verification form (da-cglvf) and submit both to Once submitted to LCI, you will receive your certificate of completion and be well on your way to start mentoring a club.

Active Guiding Lions Resources

Both of these reports are to be submitted via email to and