District Level

An ongoing list of upcoming events held by the District, it’s committees, and our clubs is maintained by the Communications Committee in the form of a weekly newsletter, also known as “The Thread“. You can find the most recent editions here.

Multiple District Level (California)

Multiple District 4 (California Lions) maintains a list of MD level events on their website, which you can find at md4lions.org.

USA/Canada Level

A forum held between Constitutional Areas 1 and 2, the USA/Canada Forum, is held annually in September. More information can be found at lionsforum.org.

International Level

Lions International maintains the Lions Events Calendar, a list of International events and deadlines, which you can find at lionsclubs.org.

Also, during the pandemic, Lions International has been holding virtual events and webinars. These events are listed on the Virtual Event Center, which can be found at lionsclubs.org/virtual.