[heading size=”1″ color=”#c51111″]Student Speaker Foundation[/heading]

The Student Speaker Foundation is California nonprofit corporation administered by a board of directors and 15 trustees. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide scholarships to augment the prizes awarded to the winners of the California Multiple District Four Student Speakers Program. For more information on how the program works, please view the MD4 web site.

At District 4C4, we have a fundraiser of collecting used printer cartridges and old cell phones to recycle to help fund programs for scholarships.  Lion Rich Picchi is our Student Speaker Foundation TReasurer. Please see Flyer on Student Speaker Foundation.

Fellowships donors can achieve ranging from a donation of $200 to $500. Each fellowship includes a lapel pin. A special lapel pin is given when all 4 fellowships have been achieved. Program also has a chevron or patch for clubs and individuals who donate at least $100. Listed below are the fellowships and awards donors can earn for a given donation amount to the Student Speaker Foundation: