Starting a Club

Filing a New Club Application

There are several steps to completing the New Club Application

  1. Application Entry
    • Application is started on MyLCI by someone with access to MyLCI, usually the sponsoring club’s President or Secretary
    • What is entered is the new club’s name, city, president and secretary’s information, and a rough estimate on the charter members broken down by new and transferring in members
  2. District Governor Approval
  3. Lions Clubs International Approval
  4. Completion
    • This is when the club organizer, sponsoring club, or new club’s president/secretary can input the information of their new members into MyLCI (see tk21a above)
  5. LCI Final Approval
    • At this point, the District Governor will assign the club a Guiding Lion
  6. Charter
    • LCI gives the club it’s charter date
    • Charter materials are mailed to the District Governor to be presented at the club’s Charter Celebration
    • New members may be added up to 90 days from the official charter date and considered charter members
  7. Initial tasks
    • Club should apply for an EIN with the IRS as a newly formed 501(c)(4) entity under LCI’s group exception. See the Finances page for more information.
    • New club’s treasurer should pay the charter fee invoiced via MyLCI
    • More tasks can be found in the Guiding Lions checklist

District 4-C4 New Club Checklist

The District Global Action Team has instituted a checklist that summarizes the new club guide, as well as offers the GAT members as resources to assist the new club in its formation. PDG opted to use this checklist to determine whether a club is ready to be chartered and will be signed off by her. District Governor Dr. Jun Valera has not yet provided such a checklist.

Developing a New Club

Guiding Lions

See the Leadership page for more information on Guiding Lions.