Message from the Editor

I am honored to be serving again as your District bulletin editor for 2020-2021. Our District Governor has requested a Quarterly Newsletter with the following publishing schedule:

  • First Quarter (July-Sept) – Friday, September 4.
  • Second Quarter (Oct-Dec) – Friday, December 4.
  • 3rd Quarter (Jan-Mar) – Friday, March 5.
  • 4th Quarter (Apr-June) Friday, June 4.

Our deadlines for content are the 21st of the previous month to publication, thus Q1 – August 21; Q2 – November 21; Q3 – February 21; Q4 – May 21. These deadlines assure your submitted content will be in the forthcoming issue. If you submit content later than the deadline, it may still be included in the
upcoming issue but only if space and time to input the article is available. Please submit any desired content to Lion John at Suggestions and feedback for content are welcome.

We are planning an advertising section in future issues. If interested in advertising in our bulletin, please contact Lion Denise Kelley at

Lion John Gill
District Newsletter Editor
Peninsula Council of Lions PP 2016-2017
San Mateo LC
SF Premier LC Associate





We are working to get all past issues of the Newsletter on Google Drive and linked here.

While that is not yet completed, please see the (partially unorganized) archive for previous editions: