Leos District 4-C4


On May 26, 2017, our Leos Clubs celebrated their charter night and induction of new Leos Board for our newly formed Leos District 4-C4. Our Leos Board consists of 4 Leos:
  • President - Dina Zheng, San Mateo Aragon High School Leos Club,  Charter & Current President
  • Vice President - Elsie Kratzer, Menlo-Atherton High School Leos Club, Founder & President
  • Secretary - Casey Tang, Great San Francisco Leos Club
  • Treasurer - Tessalou Valera, Gryphon Leos Club, Immediate Past President
** Elsie Kratzer was appointed to the Leos Club Program Advisory Panel for Constitutional Area 1, to serve July 1, 2017 to June 30th, 2019. Our District has at least 12 Leos Clubs.  To learn more about what Leos are and how they work, please visit our Lions Clubs International Web Site at http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/leos/about-leos.php.  Leos clubs can be school based or community based. The difference is where the membership is allowed to come from. A school-based Leos club is limited to the students in attendance at the school, whereas a community based Leos club can come from students attending any school in the community.


  • Foster City Lions Club
    • Foster City Leos Club
      • President - Avani Hamilton
      • Secretary - Akhila Polokadaty
      • Advisor - Lion Shikha Bakshi-Hamilton
  • Millbrae Lions Club
    • Millbrae Leos Club
      • President - Elena Wong
      • Secretary - Michelle Chan
      • Advisor - Lion John Muniz
  • San Bruno Lions Club
    • Capuchino HS Leos Club
      • President - N/A
      • Secretary - N/A
      • Co-Advisor - Lion Gregory Pierce
      • Co-Advisor - Lion Charles Smith
    • Parkside Jr HS Leos Club
      • President - N/A
      • Secretary - N/A
      • Advisor - Lion Charles Smith
    • Peninsula HS Leos Club
      • President - N/A
      • Secretary - N/A
      • Advisor - Lion Charles Smith
  • San Carlos Lions Club
    • San Carlos Leos Club
      • President - N/A
      • Secretary - N/A
      • Advisor - Michael Coffaro
  • San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club
    • SF Chinatown Omega Leos Club
      • President - Dennis Wu
      • Secretary - Robert Wu
      • Advisor - Manson Leung
      • Assistant Advisor - Emerson Chin
  • San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club
    • Gryphons Leos Club
      • President - Tessalou Valera
      • Secretary - Leonard Caoli Jr.
      • Co-Advisor - Lion Luisa Valera
      • Co-Advisor - Sandra Vergara
  • San Mateo Lions Club
    • San Mateo Aragon HS Leos Club
      • President - Dina Zheng
      • Secretary - Ellen Chao
      • San Mateo High School Leos Club
        • President - Olivia Kam
        • Co-President - Maxmillen Chen
    • San Mateo Metropolitan Lions Club
      • Bay Area Leos Club
        • President - Megan Ren
        • Secretary - Hannah Folk
        • Advisor - Lion Shelly Wu
      • Great San Francisco Leos Club
        • President - Isabella Duan
        • Secretary - Rachael Wu
        • Advisor - Lion Frank Tang



Leadership. Experience. Opportunity. Service. On this page, share your experience, ideas, thoughts, recent projects, joint project ideas, or questions, and more! We all have a common goal: to help the world, so let's have fun while we're at it! Invite fellow Leos of this district as well to be in our group!
Dina Zheng
Dina Zheng shared Leo District 4-C4's album to the group: LEO DISTRICT 4-C4.October 17th, 2017 at 3:01am
Thanks for all the leo clubs that came out yesterday! We had a fun and successful first official joint meeting and we are looking forward to many more with everyone!

As discussed in the first joint meeting, there are important new implementations for the leo clubs in our district. To ensure that you will receive information and emails from us, please submit your leo club's officer names, position, and emails to the district board via email ASAP. So far we have the following leo clubs in our district. Please include all board members. If you do not see your leo club or if a listed leo club below has deactivated, please notify us ASAP!

Aragon High School
Bay Area
San Mateo High School
El Camino High School
Foster City
Menlo Atherton High School
Great San Francisco
Capuchino High School
San Francisco Unified Leos
Parkside Jr High School
Parkside High School

If you are interested in chartering your own leo club or you know someone is interested, don't hesitate to contact us as we're happy to help with the process!

Leo Dina Zheng

Leo Elise Kratzer
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Marta Laura Loewen
Marta Laura LoewenOctober 15th, 2017 at 8:08am
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Leo District 4-C4
Leo District 4-C4 changed the name of the group "DISTRICT 4-C4 LEOS!" to "LEO DISTRICT 4-C4".October 15th, 2017 at 7:29am
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Leo District 4-C4
Leo District 4-C4October 15th, 2017 at 6:58am
The recent wildfires have been affected friends and family that live in our own backyard! Whether you have a friend who have lost their home or you have seen and smelled the smoky airs, the wildfires have impacted everyone in some way.
The Leo District 4-C4 has launched our Northern California Fire Aid Drive to help wildfire victims through a supply drive and fundraser. Our goal is $10K and all proceeds will be given to Red Cross and organizations dedicated to the wildfires.

When: Collection dates are next weekend, Saturday 10/21 and Sunday 10/22
Where: Drop off locations are TBA but will be shortly announced! You can also drop off supples at our joint meeting tomorrow , Sunday 10/15 from 4-6PM at the Burlingame Lions Club Hall


Friends and family, please help share us reach out to as many people as we can! The time to help is right now while the wildfires are still happening!

As a community, we can come together to make a difference and carry out our motto of "We Serve"!

Just a reminder, T minus one day until our first official joint meeting happening TOMORROW, 10/15 from 4-6PM at the Burlingame Lions Club Hall! :) You don't want to miss out!
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Marta Laura Loewen
Marta Laura LoewenOctober 15th, 2017 at 6:51am
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