Thank you so much for the incredible outpouring of support!

Where There’s a Need, There’s a LION!

Thank you so much for the incredible outpouring of support to help get much-needed resources to our local Lions Clubs helping wildfire victims. 

Last week Lions Clubs throughout Northern California reached out to the California Lions Foundation for much-needed funds to help in their efforts to give out critical supplies and support to families who are being displaced by some of the largest fires in California history. 

On Friday we put out the call for donations and Lions throughout California stepped up to the plate and gave generously. In just the past 72 hours we have already given a grant to District 4-C6 Lions helping first responders and evacuees housed at the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds. We will be sending more grants to Lions Clubs in Northern California getting them the funds they need immediately to help wildfire victims.

Lions Clubs are able to respond to natural disasters faster and more efficiently than any other organization as they are already in the community and It is our mission with the California Lions Foundation to make sure that our local Lions Clubs have the financial resources they need to do what they do best, serve their community!

We sincerely want to thank everyone who so generously donated. Your donations are critical to help Lions Clubs get the supplies and resources that are needed for their community in this time of need. 

If you have not donated yet, we ask that you please consider making a donation as the fires grow larger every day so does the needs of the communities it effects. Where There’s a Need, There’s a LION!



PCC Rob Manning

President, California Lions Foundation

The California Lions Foundation is a fully tax exempt charitable 501(c)(3) entity, ID #81-2850129

Or to donate by mail please send your check to:

California Lions Foundation
c/o MD4 Lions Office
129 Los Aquajes Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101