No more Doom And Gloom !

Hello Lions District 4-C4,
Did you know that 40 percent of the 400,00 plus people who died of COVID-19 this past year were people with diabetes? That is over 160,000 diabetics. This has been documented in clinical research conducted by the American Diabetes Association. Also, this past year, If a diabetic was admitted to the intensive care unit for COVID-19, only 20 percent survived. 
Let us talk about some other numbers. The current COVID-19 vaccine is 95 percent effective! For years, the annual flu vaccine has been around 50 percent effective. Now is the time for diabetics to plan on getting your COVID-19 vaccine. 
Doctors Steven Edelman and Jeremy Pettus who are endocrinologist go into detail in the video below about the success of the Covid-19 vaccine. Both Steve and Jeremy are also type 1 diabetics. Dr. Edelman is the director and founder of Taking Control of Your Diabetes. To learn more about TCOYD, visit their website here.