Learn From the Pros! Lions and Leos MD-4 Leadership Summit – March 13, 2021

Hello Fellow Lions,
Continuing What We Started! Below you will find links to the “sneak peek” promo videos for the next MD-4 Lions Leadership Summit coming to you “Online” on March 13th. If you have not registered for the event, you need to do so TODAY!! We are providing Lions worldwide with a “High-Caliber” Curriculum and “Top Notch” presenters to help us prosper in the times we are all facing.
Simply click on the link below to register.
PID Bruce Beck promo video – https://youtu.be/NfQs3phxwv8
PDG Jay Moughon promo video – https://youtu.be/fttGHBbFkj0
PCC Polly Voon promo video – https://youtu.be/FFDC93K7iJA
Looking forward to seeing you at the Multiple District 4 Lions Leadership Summit on March 13th.
Thanks for listening,
Lion Norm McDaniel
Past District Governor – District 4A-3
Multiple District 4 – Global Leadership Team Coordinator
805-340-4849 (mobile)