[SFCCLC] January 25, 2023 – Multiple Lions 4C4 Club Reports

Hello Club Presidents, Secretaries and other Officers:

I am trying to gather as much information about the projects that were mentioned by the different clubs from last Wednesday's meeting. May I request the clubs' secretaries or representatives of  their group send me a synopsis of what the projects were (be they presented/spoken about or some that may have been forgotten to be mentioned). I have jotted down a few information but wanted to make sure that my report will be as accurate as possible.
Per my roll call, the following clubs have been represented:
1. San Francisco Chinatown
2. San Francisco Fil Am
3. San Francisco Financial Rescue
4. San Francisco Geneva Excelsior
5. San Francisco Global Healthcare Cyber
6. San Francisco Host
7. San Francisco Veterans
8. San Francisco North Beach
9. San Francisco Premier
10. San Francisco Nueva Vizcaya
I appreciate your assistance on this matter.
Best regards,
Clinton Zuraek
SFCCLC Secretary