Information from PDG Mel

Hi guys. Just wanted to reach out to all are clubs and remind you of a few things:
1.  District Eyeglass collection  is scheduled for March 27, 2021 at the North Peninsula Food Pantry, located at 31 Beplaer Daly City. 
2.  Availability of Vouchers and Certificates that provide free eye glasses for those in need are available by simply calling Lion Eleanor Britter of the Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club.  
3. Our District has four Vision Screening Cameras available for Clubs to use in your vision programs. 
You can arrange for their use by contacting Lion Mary Phicci of the Half Moon  Bay Lions Club. 
4. If you are interested in starting a Eye Screening Program, feel free to contact Lion Mel Phillips, PDG.
 5. If you are in need of Masks, Cloves , Face Shields at no cost, all you have to do is Call Lion Eleanor Britter of the 
Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club.
Have a great Week !!!!

Lions Mel Phillips, PDG 

cell:   650-270-4682
voice: 650-873-9166