Youth Protection Policy

Fellow Lions of District 4-C4,


As we begin a new Lions year, I wanted to touch base with all of our clubs and officers. Over the last year as your Youth Protection Officer, it has been a challenge at times to pass on correct and timely information about our responsibilities as Lions to safeguard our youth.


At our latest Council of Governors meeting in San Diego in June, the MD4 Youth Protection Policy was passed by the Council and has now been posted on the MD-4 website as well as being submitted for our 4-C4 website. It is incumbent upon every Lion in the District to protect our youth. If your club has a youth or LEO program or not, Your club MUST fill out and submit the MD4 compliance form to the District Youth Protection Officer, 2VDG Cindy Zheng, by July 31st 2023.


If your club has no youth program it is a simple check box on the form, if your club has a youth Program , LEO or Youth exchange fill out the compliance form (The club should have a dedicated Youth Protection Officer) and submit it.


As was explained during the first Cabinet meeting of our last Lion year, the State of California has passed new legislation that makes compliance mandatory.


As we have all seen in the news, problems with Youth Protection can cause any organization many problems and create a financial burden for your club, the District, MD4 and Lions Clubs International.


Thank you for listening and I know you will give our Youth Protection Officer your support and kind attention in the coming year.


Thank You, 

Lion Clayton Jolley, 2022/2023 YPO

1st Vice District Governor, 2023/2024 4-C4